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More About Adrian Paul Allison

Allison was an English stage-designer, artist, caricaturist and potter born in 1890.   The jazzy, Art Deco folding screen was one that he had made for himself and was in his London studio until he passed away in 1959.

Each panel was painted in oils on glass and depict various artists at their work.  The composer writing music in the early morning, the artist painting a still-life during the daylight hours, an evening theater scene , and an author working late into the night.

As I imagine it, painting on glass would mean working in reverse because you would have to paint the highlights first and the darks last.  Very difficult concept to keep straight as you work.  As if painting isn’t difficult enough.

Here are a few other samples of his work:


Ain’t the Internet Amazing?

I posted a question last night about an Art Deco screen, and this morning, someone not only knows the artist’s name, but had a higher resolution image.  I could get to like this.  Thank you David Johnson for sending this along.

And I was right.  Even at a size where you can see the art, it still looks good.

2006BG1856_jpg_lThe artist’s name is Adrian Paul Allinson.  If I learn anything about him, I will post that too.

Does anyone know who did this?

I am posting this terrible low-rez image of a standing screen because I know this is a great painting.  Look at the colors and the design, can’t you just see that it would blow your socks off if you could actually see it in detail?  I have looked on the internet for a higher resolution version of it with no luck.  Does anyone know who did it, or have any information that could help me track it down?