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Colorful Expressions


With the decision to concentrate on the more graphic shapes and simplified design of the woman, color was the next step to resolve.  I wanted it to be sophisticated and bright, and I wanted the Hurricane cocktail to read well against the background colors.  So I did a series of color studies and went through the set, discarding the ones I didn’t want.  I actually liked them all for different reasons, but choices had to be made.  There was a reckless moment there when I considered doing a poster of all the various color versions laid out like my color composite above.  But that passed quickly, and I resolved to settle on three variations.  I miss working with other artists and asking for their suggestions.  I can’t say I always took their suggestions, but as soon as they started to answer, I would find myself hoping they would pick a certain one, and then I knew which one I liked myself.  Here are the three finalists.  I am already working on the finished art, so I will make my decision very soon.

The judgement of Paris

The judgement of Paris


Homing In

Okay, so paring it down to the main elements, and also focusing more on the theme was my way to work through this.  Hurricanes!  A tricky image when you relate it to New Orleans post-Katrina.  Not a lot of humor there.  But I wanted it to be very graphic (as in simplified design, not carnage) and that would remove it a bit from being too much of a documentary on hurricanes.  I came up with four images and decided to choose from one of them.

Four final concepts to choose from

Four final concepts to choose from

I had already decided on the second one from the right and had started painting.  It was almost a third of the way finished, but I just wasn’t excited about it because I wanted to go more graphic and she didn’t seem to work unless I started painting very classically.  I really liked the pegasus/satyr on the right, but what does that have to do with cocktails or hurricanes?  So I kept coming back to the woman in the center.  She was graphic, majestic, honoring the Hurricane cocktail, and I liked her.  My decision was made and all I had to do was decide on the colors…