The Ten Gallon “Hollywood Hat”

hollywood hat

There is a fascinating article on the internet about Mr. Holland at  that discusses this cowboy hat.  Joe Blitman bought the hat and did some pretty sophisticated detective work to figure out who it had originally belonged to.  Someone had gotten almost all of the biggest stars at MGM and 20th Century Fox to autograph the hat.  Eventually he managed to track it down to Cecil Holland.

In the article, Hazen Drive in Coldwater Canyon is named as the house where Mr. Holland and his wife Norma lived.  But when I knew him they were on Nagle Ave. in Sherman Oaks, though I do know about that house in the canyon from stories Mr. Holland told us.  He talked about a tunnel that secretly lead out of the library of the house into the hillside where there was a hidden barroom.  Prohibition would have been in effect at the time.  Mr. Holland would be behind the bar mixing drinks and his guests would be sitting on built-in benches, when he would press a button and toy spiders would descend from the ceiling on silken threads and land on the guest’s shoulders.  Mayhem would ensue!


Cecil Holland wearing his “Hollywood Hat” and there is still room for more signatures.  And what a dude, collar stay, stick pin, and a tie clip!  Nice knot too.