I Am In Love With Eve


We visited Berlin, Vienna, Prague and London on our recent vacation.  Amazing art in every city, amazing architecture on every block, amazing life-changing experiences in every country.  We saw Gustave Klimt paintings and ceiling decorations in Vienna, we saw huge, wall-sized paintings by Hans Makart who was Klimt’s mentor, we saw incredible architecture by Otto Wagner, beautiful animal sculpture by Rembrandt Bugatti (brother of the auto maker), and the epic-sized Slav Epic paintings by Alphons Mucha.  We even saw The Lady of Shalott by J.W.Waterhouse in the Tate Britian and visited Lord Leighton’s home and studio. But of all the mind-blowing art and architecture, the one that absolutely changed my life was a painting called, “Eve” by Solomon Joseph Solomon.  I had never even heard his name before seeing his work.

There it was, a very large painting about 10 feet tall, in a room of other large paintings by great artists, and the one that I just couldn’t leave, was “Eve.”  I could’ve sat there until they turned the lights out, but there were other people involved, and other things to do, sigh….How can someone so amazing, be so little known?  When I told a friend about the painting, he pulled out a book with Solomon Joseph Solomon’s work on the cover, and we had an instant connection.  He was a secret lover of Eve too.  I wonder how many of us there are out there?