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Mine is the one on the left.

No, not that Mount Vernon.  The town in Iowa.  They asked a few months ago if they could use my art I did for Cinco de Mayo for their Chalk the Walk festival on May 5.  It is a way for the town to raise a little money, and kick off their festival season.  I was really honored that they picked a piece of mine.  Especially since they used a Norman Rockwell painting, “The Dugout” last year.  I liked being considered along with Rockwell!

In Mount Vernon, they block off the main intersection in town for one block each direction, and everybody gets to do chalk paintings on their own patch of the street.  But on the intersection, they grid it off and have people do a square of the chosen theme painting.  This year it was mine.

They sell the chalk for $10.00 a box, and have about 374 squares, so they only raise about $3740.00 with it.  So, obviously my art was donated.  But it was great to be a small part of their day, in a town I’ve never been to.  Now I’ll have to go visit someday.  Cute old main street.

A rainstorm came through in the middle of it all, but it didn’t seem to affect the chalk at all.  I wonder how they remove it when the festival is over?

They have a drone fly overhead at the end, and all attendees wave at the camera.  Of course you have kids and parents, and non-artists doing the work, but the end results are really interesting.  I hope they had as much fun doing it, as I did seeing the outcome.


The intersection.

There are lots of videos at:

and the website itself has tons of photos of the artists at work:


Rubbing your fingers raw.


Overall view.