by rodriguezfineartprintsca

Back when I was in high school we had different cliques, but it seems that we only broke it down to two groups.  In Southern California my friends told me it was Surfers and Greasers, in New Orleans where I was at the time, it was Frats and Hoods.  These weren’t derogatory names, each group was proud of their look and style.  Since I did illustrations for the school paper, I did a cartoon of them and I was a hit with each group.  They all thought I had nailed them, and they loved it.

Frats wore button-down collar oxford cloth shirts in light blue, yellow, pink, or white, with socks to match, penny loafers, dickies sometimes, and very short, wheat colored jeans.  The jeans would be about 8″ above the ground.  The girls wore the same basic thing except for wearing khaki jumpers.  They both wore their fraternity pins, or sorority pins, and the girls wore their boyfriends class ring on a chain around their necks, like in the old Elvis Presley song.

The Hoods wore very loose, high-waisted slacks, skinny belts, and open-collar shirts, and usually sandals with socks.  They greased their hair back and did a sort of Elvis Presley thing with a pompadour and ducktails in back.  The girls were called Charmers, and wore beehive hairdos, lots of makeup, tight skirts and pointy-toed shoes.

Interestingly, the two groups had distinct ways of walking and carrying things.  Hoods slouched and carried their books high up under their armpits.  Frats carried their books down low on their hips.  Sorority girls carried smaller purses on a long strap slung over their shoulders.  Charmers carried fairly large purses with short straps, and always over their forearms.  The girls didn’t carry their books, their boyfriends carried them.

I found these pieces when I was cleaning out my house in New Orleans last year.  Flashback!