Two Norman Rockwell Originals for sale

by rodriguezfineartprintsca

See, you can still buy original Norman Rockwell paintings for only about $55,000 at auction!  Especially if you don’t really care if they are Norman Rockwells.  But these aren’t forgeries either.  Only the signatures have been forged, and they look pretty good. Some forgotten illustrator worked late into the night on these.  But there is no way either of these paintings could be by Rockwell.  Couldn’t be Rockwell when he was very young, the clothing is too much like the 1940’s for that.  Couldn’t be Rockwell when he was very old, he never got that bad.

These were at auction on a site called Invaluable Auctions.  As I understand it, they are just a collection of links to auctions around the world, not an actual auction site themselves.  But this is definitely a case of caveat emptor if you ever are tempted to buy through online auctions.  Always know the auction house as well as the stuff you are bidding on.  Or go ahead and pay $55,000 for a really cool forgery of Rockwell’s signature.  It would make a great story.