If I Could Do Lettering Like This, I Wouldn’t Have To Paint Pictures!

by rodriguezfineartprintsca

These are some examples of the type/design that I mentioned in the last post.  This lettering could be a poster all on its own and who would need an illustration with it?  There are people like Michael Doret, Tom Nikosey, Gerard Huerta, Tom White (and I am sure I am forgetting some others) who do this sort of thing in their own way, and with modern sensibilities, but you don’t see things like that very often.  I really enjoy having my illustration on a poster with type.  It seems unfinished without it.  Once when having a piece accepted in an illustration show, they asked me to delete the type and just submit the illustration, but the lettering was as important to the finished work as the illustration itself.  I had designed the complete poster to work as a unit.

I’ve only gotten to work with two of those guys I mentioned.  Once, many years ago I paid Tom Nikosey 3/4 of my fee to do lettering for a seed package, because I knew he could do such a great job and make the piece really special.  (You never knew that, did you Tom?…well it was such a low paying job, neither one of us made any money anyway).  And once about five years ago, Michael Doret and I did a project together, but the client killed all of the amazing designs that Michael did and basically tied his hands.  It devastated everyone at the agency as well as blew my chance to have my work on something with Michael.  He still did a beautiful job, but if you had seen his first two designs…well, better not to dwell on the past unless it is to appreciate the work they did back then.