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Frederic Lord Leighton’s Flaming June

Don’t be confused by the Old-Fashioned Cocktail, this is the actual painting.

Sir Frederic Leighton’s Flaming June

Old Fashioned Flaming June

Old Fashioned Flaming June

Lord Leighton painted what is probably his most recognized painting in 1895.  By 1960, Victorian painting was considered very old-fashioned and when this painting was put up for auction, it didn’t even meet its reserve price of $140!!!  I am sure that within 6 years, it would’ve been appreciated by all of the poster artists of San Francisco, but in 1963, Luis A. Ferré, a Puerto Rican industrialist and politician, was on a buying trip for a museum he had founded in Puerto Rico when he discovered the painting in a gallery in Amsterdam.  He purchased it for $1000 because of the low interest in art from that period.  But I keep thinking, if I had just washed a few more cars, and mowed a few more lawns, I could have bought it at that auction for $140…I guess it is better off in Puerto Rico.