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Ain’t the Internet Amazing?

I posted a question last night about an Art Deco screen, and this morning, someone not only knows the artist’s name, but had a higher resolution image.  I could get to like this.  Thank you David Johnson for sending this along.

And I was right.  Even at a size where you can see the art, it still looks good.

2006BG1856_jpg_lThe artist’s name is Adrian Paul Allinson.  If I learn anything about him, I will post that too.

Does anyone know who did this?

I am posting this terrible low-rez image of a standing screen because I know this is a great painting.  Look at the colors and the design, can’t you just see that it would blow your socks off if you could actually see it in detail?  I have looked on the internet for a higher resolution version of it with no luck.  Does anyone know who did it, or have any information that could help me track it down?